Daddison x Jambonbon Yostograph Screen Print Collabo

These are the results of a collaborative screen printing exercise with Daddison for a live art event in the Urban Outfitters store in Bath.

Blue = Daddison
Pink = Jambonbon

Everything was printed on the Yostograph Duplicator, using hand-cut screens. The blue base patterns were printed in the studio the day before, with the pink overlay being added live on the day, creating three abstract portraits.

'Toyota Positive' - animated elements
Flying Eye Books x Ben Newman x Jambonbon
Full Secs - Massive Jugs
Full Secs - The Dark Knight Rises
Look Ma! No Hands!
Poop The Loop
'Toyota Positive' Helper characters
Conversations I've Never Had
Daddison x Jambonbon Yostograph Screen Print Collabo
Pictoplasma Character Compendium
Postcard for Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay
Yostograph Screenprints
Aardman - Pirates! Stop-Motion Puppet Painting